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Post Your Business on Google Maps

Post Your Business on Google Maps in 10 Minutes

Post Your Business on Google MapsDo you want your Telephone Number on the First Page of Google for your Web Design Business? This post will show you how to get "Web Design" on the First Page of a Google Search in just 10 minutes.

Our Web Design include a Domain, Generic Content, and a Professional Facebook Page. You can edit, add, or delete your generic content. All our websites are Google Search Engine Optimized with Top Google Rankings.

Just as an example, below is a snippet of the Google Three Pack of "Web Design Pretoria" that I did years ago - today one of my very profitable businesses.

Add Your Business to Google Maps

WARNING - use a designated cell number, do not use your personal cell number! Why - because it is easy to add a telephone number to the Google Maps, but very-very difficult to later edit or remove that cell number (unless you want people to phone you at 3 o'clock in the morning). Perhaps buy a designated cell phone that you can use for your business.

Ready, Steady, Go!

1. Search Google "Maps" and click on "Google Maps"

2. Click on the "menu button" (top left)

3. Click on "Add Missing Place"

4. Add a Business Name
It is very important to select the correct business name for Top Google Rankings! Your business name should be "Web Design Randburg", and not i.e. "99 Cities". The business name should consist of two parts; what and where. For example, if you are a plumber in Randburg, your business name should be "Plumber Randburg".

5. "Upload location on map"
Move the map to an area on the map. I.e., if you want to add your business in "Randburg", then move the map so that the cursor lands somewhere in "Randburg" – anywhere in Randburg for that matter. I usually select a street corner – not in the middle of an open field. Make sure that your cursor points to a street in order for Google to read an address.

6. Ignore "Located within..."
"Located within
If this place is located within another, enter the containing place."
Skip this step. You are going to list a new business - this option is only if you have an existing listing (which you don't have).

7. Add Your Telephone Number
Add your Trading Hours etc.
Add your Telephone Number (preferably as it appears your website). Again, do not use your private cell number - it is very difficult to edit or remove a telephone number from Google Maps Listings.

8. Add a Website
This is most the important part. Search for the neighborhood, i.e. "Randburg", and name your business "Web Design Randburg"This listing will typically show when Google Browsers search for "Web Design in Randburg" and surrounding areas.

Use your domain, i.e "", when you add a website - this blogger already ticks all the Google Boxes for Top Google Rankings. 

9. Upload Fotos
Finally, you may add an opening date, and upload a couple of photo that will attract customers. Upload genuine pics taken with your cell, keep it real - the days of Photoshop Pics are gone!

10. Save, and Repeat for More Suburbs near you
Repeat with these steps differant "Business Names" for differant suburbs, i.e. "Web Design Krugersdorp", "Web Design Sandton", "Web Design Roodepoort" etc.

Repeat, Repeat, and Repeat in more Suburbs
Plot your "Products and Services" in more areas. About 70% of the Google Browsers will simply click the dial button and want speak to you direct.

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