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Facebook Page 

Facebook Page
Our Web Design include a Domain, Generic Content, and a Professional Facebook Page. You can edit, add, or delete your generic content. All our websites are Google Search Engine Optimized with Top Google Rankings.

Your Online Marketing Strategy should start with a Facebook Page. We can help you to setup your Facebook Page. Facebook Pages can be posted in Facebook Groups, or you can run a Facebook Add Campaign. Facebook Add Campaign usually reach between 2k and 6000 Facebook Browsers - running Facebook Ads are very affordable and highly recommended.

Setting Up Your Facebook Page

Setting up Your Facebook Page is free, but it can be a day’s work - or you can ask us to upload a Professional Facebook Page with all the gadgets, widgets, and bells and whistles. The following basic Page Info are required when setting up a Facebook Page;

  • Cover Images and Slide Show
  • Profile Image
  • Page Info
  • URL @username
  • Description (max 255 characters)
  • Three Categories
  • Phone number (optional)
  • Website (optional)
  • Email address (optional)
  • Location (address)
  • Service area (optional)
  • Hours (optional)
  • Products (optional)
  • Messaging settings 
  • Templates and tabs

Facebook Messaging and Automated Responses

The sole purpose of a Facebook Page is so that Facebook Users can Email, Phone, WhatsApp, or send you a Facebook Message. Facebook Messages can also auto-reply with a few options (frequently asked questions). You can even add the messenger’s name to the auto responses. Setting up Facebook Auto Reply Messages can be tricky, but the below path will point you in the right direction;
Settings → Messaging → During a Messenger conversation → Questions for potential customers → Edit → etc.

Posting on Facebook Groups

By posting your Facebook Page on relevant Facebook Groups is a good start. We also usually first post on Facebook Groups to get rid of the teething pains, before we opt to run a Facebook Ad Campaign.

Embed your Facebook Page in your Website

We specialize in uploading websites with bells and whistles, including a widget that feature your Facebook Page. Browsers would be able to post a “like” directly from your website. Also, your Facebook Page will have a link to your website.

Running Facebook Ads

Running Facebook Ads are highly recommended, easy, and very affordable. Facebook will post your Facebook Page to Facebook Users related to their Search History and Demographics. For example, if a Facebook User in your area searched for a Plumber, Facebook will show Plumber Ads related to that area. In other words, if you are in Pretoria, Facebook will not show Facebook Ads relevant to Cape Town (unless Cape Town appears in your Search History).

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