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Google Blogger

Google Blogger 

What is a Blogger? Well, a blogger is not a website about your “Business Name”. Instead, a blogger is about a product, service, place, holidays etc. Good example of bloggers are TripAdvisor, Airbnb,,, and even classifieds such as Gumtree and OLX are bloggers. Content is King, and Your Blogger will feature the Top 99 Cities in South Africa, and consist of over 200 pages and 200 posts.

Google Bloggers

Your Blogger will be about your Products and Services, and you would get all the comments, leads, and quote enquiries. Bloggers have Top Google Rankings and are a very powerful platform to create online leads. Your

Google BloggerGet Your Business Online. All we need is your Five Keywords to post your Product in South Africa's Top 99 Cities

Blogger will be similar to this site, Your Blogger will also feature the Top 99 Cities, but those 99 cities will all point to “Your Location”. In simple terms, you will outrank your competitors on Google, simply because you have more content.

Buyers search Google and they know what they want - so there is no need to try and sell them something - they know what they want! All you need is a "Contact Us" or Telephone Number, and send them a quotation. Think about it, you are exactly the same - you would search Google, and then all you want are the contact details.... and the price. Buy default, we never publish a price on a Google Blogger, so you need to mail them a quotation.

WordPress Website (optional)

Ideally you would need a Google Blogger about your Products to generate online leads, and a WordPress website about your company. WordPress is the most popular open-source platform for “Company Websites”. WordPress websites are a bit more expensive, because the basic WordPress Template is “empty” and your web designer will upload many toggle tools, widgets, gadgets etc – some are free, and others you need to pay.

Your Blogger

Content is King - with our “Find and Replace” your five keywords will appear in over 99 pages related to the Top 99 Cities in South Africa. However, all those cities will point to your demographic, i.e. “Plumbers in Centurion”. In simple terms, the “Plumber in Centurion” with the most content will rank the highest in a Google Search. Let’s have a look at Your Blogger’s design and layout;

  • Template – 3 Column Template, Top Banner, Side Banner, Bottom Banner, Sitemap, etc.
  • Layout – Top Mobile Phone Menu, Main Menu, Top Banner, Search Option, Facebook Page, Featured Post, Popular Post, Featured Articles, Random Posts, List Categories, Category Thumbnails, etc.
  • Content – posts about the 99 Top Cities in SA, pages about the 99 Top Cities in SA, Google Friendly URL’s (not numbers), Titles (H1), Headings (H1), Meta Search Descriptions, Alt Text Headings for Images, etc.

Blogger Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is simply translated to “High Google Rankings”. Websites (and Bloggers) are designed with Google SEO Algorithms for Top Google Rankings. Top Google SEO Algorithms are no secret, it simply means that Google Rank “Higher Quality Content” first. In other words, Your Blogger will tick all the Google Boxes for Top Google Rankings.

Top Google SEO Algorithms

There are about five hundred Google Tick Boxes that we are aware off, but it is more important to know what not to do. For example, do not copy and paste content from another website, do not stuff your content with keywords, and do not post long paragraphs that are difficult to read. Instead you should write your content in “Natural English” for human beings, ask questions if you don’t know, and have a comment box.

Buy a Domain for your “”

Yes, you can most certainly buy a domain for Your Blogger, i.e. “…” to “”

Can I Change or Edit the Blogger

We regret, the answer is "No". The purpose of your Website Blog is to promote your "Product and Services" online, especially in a Google Search. It is not a website to promote your business, but rather to create New Online Clients. Our Google SEO Algorithms are very complex and sensitive to changes such as Headers, Titles, Keyword Density, URL's, Sitemaps, Structured Data - just to mention a few. For example (for the web gurus out there), here is a snippet of the Structured Data that we use for Google SEO;

"articleSection" : "Web Design Johannesburg",
  "articleBody" : "Web Design Atlantic Seaboard\n<SPAN class=\"label-count\">10</SPAN>\n</A>\n</LI>\n<LI>\n<A class=\"label-name\" href=\";max-results=5\">\nWeb Design Centurion\n<SPAN class=\"label-count\">12</SPAN>\n</A>\n</LI>\n<LI>\n<A class=\"label-name\" href=\";max-results=5\">\nWeb Design Durban\n<SPAN class=\"label-count\">27</SPAN>\n</A>\n</LI>\n<LI>\n<A class=\"label-name\" href=\";max-results=5\">\nWeb Design Free State\n<SPAN class=\"label-count\">10</SPAN>\n</A>\n</LI>\n<LI>\n<A class=\"label-name\" href=\";max-results=5\">\nWeb Design Gauteng\n<SPAN class=\"label-count\">11</SPAN>\n</A>\n</LI>\n<LI>\n<A class=\"label-name\" href=\";max-results=5\">\nWeb Design Johannesburg\n<SPAN class=\"label-count\">19</SPAN>\n</A>\n</LI>\n<LI>\n<A class=\"label-name\" href=\";max-results=5\">\nWeb Design KwaZulu-Natal\n<SPAN class=\"label-count\">11</SPAN>\n</A>\n</LI>\n<LI>\n<A class=\"label-name\" href=\";max-results=5\">\nWeb Design Pretoria East\n<SPAN class=\"label-count\">12",


Bloggers are about generic products and are most powerful to create online leads. Content is King, so we have created a Google Blogger with over 99 pages, that all point to your Product and Demographics, for Top Google Rankings. All we need from you to upload your Google Blogger is your five keywords.

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