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Online Marketing

Online Marketing 

Our Online Marketing is very affordable, and consist of five steps – but you can subscribe to only one, or take all five. However, we recommend that you plan your Online Marketing in exact the below steps.

Step 1 - Create a Professional Facebook Page (recommended)

Online Marketing
Our Web Design include a Domain, Generic Content, and a Professional Facebook Page. You can edit, add, or delete your generic content. All our websites are Google Search Engine Optimized with Top Google Rankings.

Creating a Facebook Page is the first step to online marketing and generating online clients. Facebook Pages are posted in Facebook Groups, and on average reach about a thousand Facebook Subscribers.

After you have created a Professional Facebook Page, you can now post the link on Facebook Groups etc. To appear in a Facebook Search, you should use hashtags. By using hashtags, you post will become part of a Facebook Search. We use a Keyword Tool to create the most popular hashtags. Your hashtags should also include your city, and suburb, i.e. #plumbers #pretoria #centurion.

  • Online Marketing
  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Groups
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Blogger
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Top Google Rankings
  • First Page of Google

Step 2 - Facebook Ads (optional)

Paid Facebook Ads will show your Facebook Page to about 3000 Facebook Users - based on their demographics and search history. Your ads will run for one week at a time, but you can opt to run your ads indefinitely.

Step 3 - Google Bloggers about Your Products (optional)

Online MarketingGoogle Bloggers are probably the most effective and affordable Online Marketing Platform, and a must for all Small Businesses. Google Browsers would search for products in their local demographics – i.e. “Plumbers in Centurion”. Your Google Blogger will appear on the First Page of Google - priceless! Our Google Bloggers are Search Engine Optimized (SEO) for the Top 99 Cities in SA. Google Bloggers consist of generic content about your product and demographics - but you will receive all the emails comments and online leads.

Step 4 - Google Ads showing Your Business (optional)

Your Business Ads will appear on the First Page of a Google Search, related to your demographics, and your product.

Step 5 - Google Maps (free)

Your Business will show on the Google Maps Section that shows on the First Page of a Google Search, related to your demographics and your products. This is a DIY model with 10 steps and print screens - very easy.

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