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Facebook Pages

Facebook Page included in our web design 

Our Web Design include a Domain, Generic Content, and a Professional Facebook Page. You can edit, add, or delete your generic content. Post your Facebook Page in Groups, or run a very-very affordable Facebook Social Marketing Campaign. Your website must have a Facebook Page for Google to authenticate your website.

Web Design

Create a Facebook Page (included)

To create a Facebook Page is Free, and will gladly assist you. To start your Online Marketing Campaign, and generate new clients, you would need a Facebook Page as well as a website. Your Facebook Page will appear in your website, and your website will show in your Facebook Page.

Facebook Messaging and Automated Responses

The sole purpose of a Facebook Page is so that Facebook Users can Email, Phone, WhatsApp, or send you a Facebook Message. Facebook Messages can also auto-reply with a few options (frequently asked questions). You can even personalize the message with the name of the Facebook User, or reply with instant messaging.

Advertising your Facebook Groups

By posting your Facebook Page on Facebook Groups with # hashtags is a good start. You can also run Facebook Ads that does the posting with #hashtags for you - and it is very-very affordable.

Running Facebook Ads

Running Facebook Ads are highly recommended, easy, and very affordable. Facebook will post your Facebook Page to Facebook Users related to their Search History and Demographics. For example, if a Facebook User in your area searched for a Plumber, Facebook will show Plumber Ads related to that area. In other words, if you are in Pretoria, Facebook will not show Facebook Ads relevant to Cape Town (unless Cape Town appears in your Search History).

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