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Upgrade with the Top 99 Cities for Top Google Rankings

Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

The sole purpose of a Google Bloggers is to generate new online clients with Top Google Rankings. Simply mail us your Five Keywords to add to the Generic Content, and away you go! Your Five Keywords will now appear with the Top 99 Cities in South Africa, i.e. 'Plumbers in Centurion".

Web Design

To show in a Google Search, we will buy a domain - included

To show in a Google Search, we will buy you a domain. Your website package includes domain registration and domain hosting for twelve months (no monthly hosting fees), and is renewable every year. Select from many available “” domains. It is highly advisable to select a domain that “tells a story”, i.e. – select a domain that people would search for on Google.

Example of Good Webpage Domains for Top Google Rankings

Bad Domains for Google
Good Domains for Google

Bakery in Durban
Plumber in Centurion
Biltong Shop in Hout Bay
Laundry in Bluff
Guest House in Tableview

Top Google Rankings

Our Google Blogger template that ticks all the Google Boxes with Top Google Rankings, and it include over 99 pages with Generic Content that feature the Top 99 Cities in South Africa. Our Google Blogger compares to the likes of TripAdvisor,, and etc.

Basic Google SEO Tools

To add your website to Google, we will add your site to Google Analytics, embed the Structured Data, and finally index your site with Google Search Console Tools. Facebook Likes also assist to authenticate a website, and to show that it is not spam. Google also has a Tick Box that rank quality websites higher - add our Top 99 Cities for Top Google rankings

Generic Content about the Top 99 Cities

Search Engine Optimized (SEO) simply means to design a website that ticks all the Google Boxes for Top Google Rankings. Google show the Best Quality first in a Google Search. That is why Gumtree, OLX, TripAdvisor,, and all have Top Google rankings – because the website showcase lots of Fresh Quality Content about a city or places of interest.

Post Your Website on Google Maps

Most Google Browsers simply want to tap a number and dial. Posting your business on Google Maps are Free. We will mail you a DIY Manual with easy steps and print Screens to post your website on Google Maps. A  Telephone Number and a Website is all you need to appear in the Top Three Google Maps of a Google Search – however, there are no guarantees. Appearing in the Top Three Google Maps (‘Google Three Pack”) may generate unbelievable number of enquiries, and we highly recommend that you obtain a designated cell number to admin the calls - unless you want to receive calls at 11 o’clock at night.

Website Inclusions

The focal of our Google Bloggers are to have Top Google Rankings. Your Google Blogger will be Mobile Friendly with a new modern look, and will consist of the following;
Template – Three Columns, Dynamic Mobile Friendly, Mobile Menu, Desktop Menu, Top Banners, Sitemap, Structured Data, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics.
Layout – Gadgets, Widgets, Favicon, Search, Facebook and Social Media Buttons, Embed Facebook Page, Contact Us, Popular Posts, Random Posts, Recent Posts, and a Footer.
Articles - Headers, Titles, Google Friendly URL’s, Categories, Meta Search Descriptions, and “Alt Text” for Images.

Website Exclusions

This package exclude all CPanel Admin, including email configurations. This package also exclude email setup, graphic design, logo design, drop down menus, web maintenance, and everything else that is not mentioned.

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