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Web Design

Web Design

Contact Us for Web Design, to buy a domain, transfer a domain, graphic design, and Website Hosting. We also update websites websites with Top Google Rankings (SEO), or perhaps you just want to upgrade your website to keep up with the trends.

Web Design

Your Domain and Hosting are included in your Web Design Package
A domain will activate all the features below. But most importantly, you need a domain to show in a Google Search. After all, the main purpose of a website is to generate online clients. To index a website in a Google Search, is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Select any available “” domain
  • We recommend that you buy a domain that starts with a keyword
  • No monthly hosting fees
  • Mobile Friendly Website (Dynamic)
  • “Contact Us” and “Post a Comment” are automated to your email
  • Edit, add, or delete your content (easy as ABC)
  • Customized Gallery with your products and services
  • Top Google Rankings (SEO)
  • Start getting Online Leads (SEO)

Exclusions and Optional Extras

We will honestly try to include as many optional extras in your package. Our goal is to provide you with a modern looking website in 24 hours, and not to bill you for every for every little thing. However, we do host over a 1000 websites, and therefor made it very easy for you to edit, add, or delete your own content. You will have full logon details to your website.

Transferring a domain from Xneelo, Hetzner, Konsole and other ISP's
Transferring domains are time consuming (especially from Hetzner to us) and entails a number of emails to gain a Transfer Ticket. For example, Xneelo was formally Hetzner, and the CPanel admin is Konsole.

Facebook Pages (optional)
We will embed your Facebook Page in your website. Browsers can "like" your Facebook Page while browsing your website. Facebook Pages are ideal to upload new products, specials, and promotions. Uploading a new Facebook Page is an optional extra.

Logo and Graphic Design (optional)
We regret, your package exclude Logo and Graphic Design. Graphic design are most time consuming and personalized. If you already have a website, we will gladly copy your logo and graphic from that website at no extra cost.

e-mail setup (optional)
We regret, your package exclude your email setup. Setting up an email are most time consuming and personalized. Emails also requires additional monthly hosting fees.

Web Maintenance and Content Updates (optional)
We regret, your package exclude Monthly Web Maintenance and Content Updates. Content Updates are most time consuming and personalized. I recommend that you embed a Facebook Page, and frequently post your specials, promotions, and rates in your Facebook Page. If you already have a Facebook Page, we will embed your Facebook Page in your website.

*Your package exclude exclude everything else that are not mentioned.

Contact Us

Complete the “Contact Us” forms, or “Post a Comment”, and we will get back to you shortly. Our admin hours are weekdays from 09h00 to 13h00 daily. We are closed on weekends and the usual public holidays.

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